Show off your sweetest WWE moves with our Wrestling Costumesfor adults and children. Pro-wrestling and other sports entertainment shows are tons of fun to watch and often feature characters in outrageous fighter outfits. The WWE has had many wrestlers over the years that have become instant household names. You can dress as a generic wrestler from a certain style of fighting like sumo or Lucha, or dress as one of the extravagant cast members of RAW. Sumo suits are a ton of fun and usually feature an inflatable belly pad, jumpsuit, and Asian-style wig. Luchadore ensembles likely include a face mask, muscles shirt, and jumpsuit. World Wrestling Entertainment characters like Hulk Hogan, John Cena, and The Rock feature more specific looks. Look for licensed WWE outfits to let your son become his favorite wrestler.

Wrestling Costumes - Men's Inflatable Sumo Costume

Men's Inflatable Sumo Costume

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Wrestling Costumes - Child's WWE John Cena Deluxe Costume

Child's WWE John Cena Deluxe Costume

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Wrestling Costumes - Popeye Teenagers Costume

Popeye Teenagers Costume

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Wrestling has been a loved sport since the early days of fighting in the ancient Greek Olympics. since the sport's humble beginnings, wrestling has taken on a much more glitzy role. Whether you are a fan of realistic MMA fighting or love the ceremony of entertainment shows like WWE, you can't deny the thrill of these games. Other forms of wrestling are practiced all over the world. You can mix up your look with a martial arts uniform, sumo wrestler suits, and boxer accessories. Look for hats, wigs, sunglasses and other props to get just the look you want!

Gear up for action in the ring or at a Halloween party with our men's and boy's wrestler costumes.

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