Strike a fighting pose at your nest dress-up party in our Wolverine Costumesand accessories for adults and children. Wolverine has had many different uniform designs throughout his years in Marvel Comics. His most famous look features a yellow and blue bodysuit, X-Men belt, and pointed mask. Of course, no Wolverine outfit would be complete without claw gloves. Finish up your 90s style X-men ensemble with blue gloves attached with Wolverine claws, boot covers, and fake stubble makeup. Newer uniform designs from the recent live action films show Logan in a black X-Men suit or a plain white tank top with jeans. Decide on the side of this mutant superhero you want to portray and suit up for action!

Wolverine Costumes - Adult Wolverine Superhero Claws

Adult Wolverine Superhero Claws

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Wolverine Costumes - Wolverine Claws

Wolverine Claws

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Wolverine Costumes - Deluxe Wolverine Costume for Boys

Deluxe Wolverine Costume for Boys

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Wolverine Costumes - Child's Wolverine Deluxe Claw Gloves

Child's Wolverine Deluxe Claw Gloves

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Wolverine is one of the most gruff and serious of the X-Men characters. His power suite includes self-healing and a skeleton made of adamantium metal. This metal is considered to be the strongest on Earth and can typically cut through almost anything in the Marvel comics and cartoons. Thanks to Logan's healing, he is also nearly immortal and has been alive through several generations. In some storylines, this feisty Canadian superhero is a teacher at the X-Men academy run by Professor Xavier. From years of hardship, Logan has developed a rugged and terse demeanor that often puts him at odds with the other members of the X-Men team. Even though Wolverine seems to be a lone wolf at first lance, he works well as a part of the X-Men. Pair up your look with other X-Men characters when you get friends to dress as Storm, Cyclops, and Jean Grey.

Get ready for action and adventure this Halloween with our men's and boy's Wolverine costumes and props.

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