Walking Dead

The zombie apocalypse is underway. Luckily it'll be easier to survive when you're wearing one of our Walking Dead costumes. The Walking Dead is a hit comic and television series that is shown on AMC. The show focuses around a group of people trying to survive in the zombie apocalypse. Not only do they have to worry about these walkers and lurkers, but they also have to worry about the other humans that cause issue too.

Walking Dead Costumes - Little Miss Voodoo Costume for Girl's

Little Miss Voodoo Costume for Girl's

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Walking Dead Costumes - Zombie Girl Costume for Girl's

Zombie Girl Costume for Girl's

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The main character of the series is Rick Grimes, a former police officer who has a son and a wife. Rick Grimes is generally a good guy helping those who he crosses paths with in trying to survive the apocalypse. They have set up long term camps in a farm, maximum security prison, and even a town. If you think you have what it takes to survive in a mad world full of danger, a Rick Grimes outfit will be perfect.

Clearly, this world is filled with tons of zombies as well. Who says you have to join the cast of surviving humans. Several celebrities have guest appeared as zombies throughout the show, and now you can too. These Walking Dead outfits will give you what it takes to become a realistic walker, roamer, or biter.

Join the likes of Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, Shane, and Glenn this Halloween or just while watching the newest episodes of this hit TV series. Everyone always dreams of being in a zombie apocalypse, but now you can bring one to life this Halloween. Our Walking Dead costumes puts you right in the middle of Woodbury so you can start seeing how you'd survive this zombie ridden world.

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