Halloween is all about those classic monsters, and what better than a vampire costumeto get you into the spooky spirit. Climb out of a coffin and get ready to scare the world by sucking some blood out of your enemies. Now you can make your friends give out bloodcurdling screams this year.

Don't go batty, being a vampire isn't that bad. You can't really go out into the sun, you'll need to thirst on human blood to survive, and garlic will pain you but the joys of becoming a vampire are definitely worth it. These classic horror monsters are one of the staples of a dark Halloween night, and now you can be one without going through the pain of being bit.

From the classic forms of vampires like Dracula to the new modern vampire of Edward Cullen, these creatures are a mainstay in society. Classic vampires slept in coffins, turned into bats in the midst of night, and needed to thirst on human blood to survive. The modern vampires in shows like True Blood and Twilight are much different and able to interact in social situations.

You don't have to go to Transylvania to become a vampire this Halloween, all you have to do is grab one of these. These caped monsters have fangs and a craving for some blood. If you can handle being a bloodthirsty monster for the night, grab one of these vampire costumes and go on the hunt for some tasty humans.

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