Superman Costumes are fun, eye catching, and easily recognizable. The archetype of all comic book heroes, Superman has been captivated fans since the 1930's and still going strong today. Superman is not just any old comic book character, he is the quintessential superhero and is the most recognizable comic book character to date. He can fly, has x ray and heat ray vision, and has inconceivable strength. Audiences and readers have tuned in from his days on the pages of comic books, to television shows, to major motion pictures. His familiar red and yellow 'S' logo is iconic and his battles with Lex Luther, Brainiac, and Doomsday provided readers with captivating story lines. He teamed up with Batman and was later the leader of the Justice League. There is no superhero more iconic and memorable than Superman, which is what makes him a great Halloween costume choice as well.

The legendary look of the blue and red Superman suit with the yellow insignia on its chest makes for a perfect Halloween outfit. The superhero suit is bright and colorful and Superman is a recognizable and popular character that everyone knows. If your Halloween party needs some help fighting off the hordes of werewolves and vampires, it's Superman to the rescue! We offer a ton of different Superman suits. Although his look has remained relatively unchanged through the years, there have been variations. We offer simple jumpsuits and more detailed ones with defined and dimensional muscle features. The selection includes an officially licensed replication of the suit Superman wears in the newest film, Man of Steel, and we even carry a costume based around his look on the television show, Young Justice, which features young counterparts to the Justice League members. Girls and women aren't to be left out either, with fun Super Girl outfits with mini skirt based ensembles in the same color scheme and style as the original Superman suit.

You can't go wrong choosing Superman as a costume choice this Halloween. More recognizable than any other comic book character, Superman is the strongest, most dedicated, and most noble of all the comic book heroes. He may not be from this planet, but he'll do whatever it takes to protect. Fly a mile in his boots this year with some fun Superman suits that are really out of this world.

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