Super Mario Brothers

Bring your favorite video game characters to real life with our fantastic assortment of Super Mario Bros. Costumes. No plumber has become more famous and iconic than Mario from Nintendo and he's one of the most recognizable video game characters ever. Mario and his brother Luigi have seen the evolution of the video gaming industry through the years, from basic side scrolling platform games to the popular Kart and Smash Bros. Brawl spin offs. Mario has remained a constant in the Nintendo universe, from its humble beginnings to today, appearing in a ton of games over the years.

Super Mario Brothers Costumes - Adult Sexy Green Player Costume

Adult Sexy Green Player Costume

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Super Mario Brothers Costumes - Sexy Red Player Women's Costume

Sexy Red Player Women's Costume

Our Price: $58.45
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Mario and Luigi are iconic characters at this point, as are the side characters in the Super Mario series of games. We offer Mario and other Super Mario Bros. characters' costumes for everyone: boys, girls, men and women. All gamers of all ages can have a blast this Halloween dressing up as their favorite character and dressing up as a recognizable character that your friends know always makes the night more fun. The red and blue overalls and cap look of Mario is a fun and eye catching look that you can have a great time in wearing out on Halloween. Mario and his similarly styled, green themed brother Luigi have ensembles here in a few varieties. You can get a basic jumpsuit and hat package or you can go for that extra detail and order the one that includes the bubble belly pad to really get their look down perfectly. We also include other Super Mario Bros. characters' outfits in this category, such as Toad and Princess Peach. Adding on our comically large white gloves or the inflatable Mario hammer can complete the look. For women, we also offer sexy renditions of the outfit, featuring short shorts and a revealed midriff.

If you're a huge video gamer or are just looking for a fun, familiar character to dress up as on Halloween that everyone will recognize, then you're definitely in the right place. Mario and Luigi are two of the most iconic video game characters ever. Our costumes perfectly capture their look and style and provide you with some really fun and eye catching costume choices.

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