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Year after year, Super Hero Costumes prove to be some of the most popular Halloween costume choices. From comic strips to major motion pictures, super heroes have become timeless favorites that survive the generations. When out trick or treating or partying it up on Halloween, you are bound to come across a ton of super heroes and they're almost as prevalent of an outfit choice as vampires, ghosts, and frankensteins. You'll find no shortage of super heroes here either. Right here at Fright Catalog, we have an impressive collection of super hero Halloween ensembles that range from television characters to heroes on the big screen. Search through our extensive selection and find your favorites today.

Super Hero Costumes - Adult Robin Costume

Adult Robin Costume

Our Price: $42.29
In Stock
Super Hero Costumes - Adult Plus Wonder Woman Costume

Adult Plus Wonder Woman Costume

Our Price: $53.99
In Stock
Super Hero Costumes - Deluxe Wolverine Costume for Boys

Deluxe Wolverine Costume for Boys

Our Price: $29.99
In Stock
Super Hero Costumes - Sexy Supergirl Adult Costume

Sexy Supergirl Adult Costume

Our Price: $49.99
In Stock
Super Hero Costumes - Boy's Superman Costume

Boy's Superman Costume

Our Price: $24.99
Out of Stock

Fight for what's right and just in the world, even if it's just for a day, with one of our fun super hero ensembles. We offer a wide assortment of officially licensed ensembles that perfectly recreate your favorite super hero's looks and style. Our collection includes heroic outfits for the whole family: boys, girls, men and women. We also sell a wide variety of each character's costume so you can find that perfect style of your favorite hero that you want. We offer basic jumpsuit and mask based sets and more detailed muscle chest costumes that use foam padding to create dimensional, defined muscle tones to look really super human. Our collection of outfits runs the hero gamut: from comics, to television, and to movie heroes. This selection includes the Power Rangers, Spiderman, Superman, Captain America, all of the X Men characters, Batman, Wonder Woman, He-Man, and more. We also offer a huge collection of super hero themed accessories and props so you can get the complete ensemble for your character, like Captain America's shield, Hulk Hands, or Thor's Hammer.

Don't let this Halloween become humdrum and ordinary. Make it really super with one of our bright, eye catching, and fun super hero ensembles. You can look just like your favorite comic book heroes with these great outfits. You may not be able to fly or shoot webs out of your hands, but you will look look the part at least, and that's a good start. Find your favorite hero's outfit and order yours today!

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