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If you're a Trekkie looking for a Halloween outfit that's really out of this world, then you've come to the right place. Our collection of Star Trek Costumes is extensive and filled with high quality, detailed, and low priced costumes. You'll have a blast this Halloween trick or treating or partying it up as Captain Kirk or Picard, a Romulan or Klingon, or one of the other members of the cast and crew of the various Enterprise spaceships through the years. These costumes are fit for a convention, but also make a fun Halloween costume choice. Browse through the category for your favorite character's ensemble and order yours today!

Star Trek Costumes - Women's Classic Star Trek Red Dress

Women's Classic Star Trek Red Dress

Our Price: $49.47
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Star Trek Costumes - Women's Classic Star Trek Blue Dress

Women's Classic Star Trek Blue Dress

Our Price: $49.47
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Star Trek Costumes - Captain Spock Adult Wig

Captain Spock Adult Wig

Our Price: $14.97
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Star Trek started with humble beginnings in the mid 1960's as a television show. The space opera revolved around futuristic humans on an exploration vessel through deep space and their interactions and battles with alien races. William Shatner was at the helm as Captain Kirk and the show soon took off to enormous success. Numerous spin off television shows and a dozen feature films later, and Star Trek is still not just relevant, but extremely popular to this day. No matter how many times it is revamped with new actors, the plot lines and aesthetic of the show appeals to newer and newer generations each time. This enormously successful show has become a giant in the sci-fi genre and an influential piece for numerous shows and movies since.

We offer the iconic uniform of the Enterprise crew in a variety of colors and styles appropriate to the different seasons of the show so you can dress up as any of your favorite characters. With our variety of the iconic Star Trek costume set, you can dress up as Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Uhura, and more. If you feel a little villainous come Halloween time, we offer a great Nero costume as well. No matter which generation of the Star Trek franchise you prefer or which character is your favorite, we have an ensemble for you. Browse through this fun collection and pick out a favorite today.

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