Sports Costumes are a fun and unique costume idea for Halloween. You can show off the team colors of your favorite team or take a comical route with some of these great choices. This category is very extensive and has a little something for everyone. A costume based around your favorite past time makes the ensemble unique and personal to you. Just like movie fans love to dress up as their favorite character, dressing up as your favorite athlete or in your favorite team's uniform can be a lot of fun and makes a great Halloween costume. Browse through this massive collection for your team and an ensemble you'll love.

Sports Costumes - Racy Referee Teen Costume

Racy Referee Teen Costume

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Sports Costumes - Green Skin Men's Suit

Green Skin Men's Suit

Our Price: $29.99
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Sports Costumes - Football Infant Bunting Costume

Football Infant Bunting Costume

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Sports Costumes - Girl's Toddler Barbie Cheerleader Costume

Girl's Toddler Barbie Cheerleader Costume

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Sports Costumes - Sexy Cheerleader Women's Costume

Sexy Cheerleader Women's Costume

Our Price: $26.99
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With the Olympics, Super Bowl, and World Series, our culture is dominated by sports entertainment. These elite athletes are the super heroes of our time. They may not be saving the world from anything, but we are constantly awed by seemingly superhuman feats of strength, speed and endurance. Sports have become as reliable as an entertainment as movies or music and athletes are huge celebrities today. All of these reasons and more make dressing up in a sports themed costume a lot of fun. You can get ready for rooting on your favorite team with one of our team-themed skin suits, which we offer done in a variety of team logos. You can also dress up in a generic baseball or football uniform or something more comical, but still sports related, like a sumo wrestler or a referee costume. For girls and women, we offer cute cheerleader outfits, sporty basketball outfits, and boxing costumes in a variety of styles. We also sell many team specific ensembles, so check to see if you can get a uniform done with your official team logo and colors.

Don't miss out on a unique costume idea this Halloween and go out dressed as your favorite athlete. All of our sports themed ensembles are fun and eye catching. Browse through this category and pick out your favorites today.

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