Snow White

If you find yourself hanging out with lots of men who are considerably shorter than you, perhaps one of our Snow White Costumes is right for you. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the story of a beautiful young girl who is tricked into eating a poison apple by a wicked witch. The apple sends her into an impossibly deep sleep, which she is only awakened from when she is kissed by her true love, a prince. The seven dwarfs are Snow White's friends and roommates, and they chase the evil witch to her doom when they find her poisoning Snow White. Get your friends to dress as the dwarfs, or get your boyfriend or husband to dress as the handsome prince, for a group costume that's guaranteed to be a huge hit at your Halloween party. Just be wary of bobbing for apples if there are any witches around.

We have traditional Snow White costumes, sexy ones, and ones for children. Whatever kind of look you're going for this Halloween, we have it. We also have costumes from the film Snow White and the Huntsmen, a film which gives the story of Snow White a more medieval treatment, with suits of armor and more action sequences. If this is the Snow White you want to dress as, then these costume pieces are definitely the things for you. We have swords and shields from the film, so you can have everything you need to fight the evils of the forest.

Break the curse and claim your place as the fairest of them all this Halloween, with a Snow White costume!

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