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No matter what event you're attending, we have a skin suit to fit the occasion. With one of our Skin Suit Costumes, you'll have the perfect costume for every occasion. We've got uniforms for sporting events, camouflage ones for playing paintball or doing something else secretive in the woods, superhero ones so you can become your favorite hero and save the day in style, and silly ones so you can make your friends laugh at your ridiculous costume. College football fans are in luck, as we have skin suits in the colors of a number of schools, with their logo on the chest. Or fans of major league baseball teams, like the Red Sox and the Yankees, have something to wear to the game to make them stand out. This suits look just like the team uniform, but are much cheaper and easier to put on than full uniforms.

Skin Suits Costumes - Navy Skin Suit Costume for Men

Navy Skin Suit Costume for Men

Our Price: $32.99
In Stock
Skin Suits Costumes - San Francisco Giants Skin Suit Men's

San Francisco Giants Skin Suit Men's

Our Price: $64.97
In Stock
Skin Suits Costumes - Black Skin Men's Suit

Black Skin Men's Suit

Our Price: $19.99
In Stock
Skin Suits Costumes - Green Skin Men's Suit

Green Skin Men's Suit

Our Price: $19.99
Out of Stock

For fans of something a little more simple, we have solid color skin suits in just about every color you can think of. Black ones are great for blending into the night and getting the jump on people to scare them, while white ones are cool for creating an angelic presence that will take people by surprise. An orange one goes along with a Halloween theme well, while blue and red are great if you really like those colors. The green one is of course the most popular, as the Green Man character from It's Always Sunny is Philadelphia has become a cultural icon, and can be seen at most parties and sporting events.

Keep your identity secret and your costumes awesome this Halloween, with one of our skin suit costumes!

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