The Simpsons are America's family. They've been around for a whole bunch of years, constantly getting in and out of trouble by helping one another and getting incredibly lucky. You can become your favorite member of the Simpsons clan, with one of our great Simpsons Costumes. This would make a great group costume for your whole family, as everybody knows the members of the cartoon family. Marge, the matriarch with the tall blue hair, Bart, the troublemaker son, Lisa, the saxophone playing nerd, and Homer, the fat father of the family, and one of the most famous examples of the idiot father trope that is used in so very many sitcoms. We've got full costumes, masks, and anything else you could possibly need to have the perfect costume this Halloween.

Simpsons Costumes - Yellow Gloves

Yellow Gloves

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Simpsons Costumes - Yellow Adult Face Mask

Yellow Adult Face Mask

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Simpsons Costumes - Deluxe Marge Women's The Simpsons Costume

Deluxe Marge Women's The Simpsons Costume

Our Price: $54.99
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The Simpsons has been on television for so long that just about everybody knows what it is. It is a cartoon that has managed to take satire and present it in a way that is both intelligent, and stupidly entertaining. Because it has been on for so many years, the Simpsons has shown an amazing ability to adapt to the times, and remain topical while maintaining its comedic and artistic integrity. Because the show has managed to stay so viable for so many years, the costumes of the characters are a popular choice every Halloween season.

Don't say be a Homer this Halloween and get the wrong costume. Get yourself a great Simpsons costume today!

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