You must uphold bushido when going into the serious lifestyle of becoming a swordsman. The Samurai Costumes featured are designed to be respectful replicas of the outfits worn by Japanese men during the Feudal and Edo periods of Japanese history. These outfits were worn by warriors who upheld the codes of honor, similar to the style of chivalry expected from medieval knights.

Samurai Costumes - Adult's Samurai Costume

Adult's Samurai Costume

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Samurai Costumes - Men's Adult Ninja Skin Suit Costume

Men's Adult Ninja Skin Suit Costume

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Samurai Costumes - Darth Vader Samurai Costume for Adults

Darth Vader Samurai Costume for Adults

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Your samurai outfit will consist of a robe with wide sleeves and an over-under style of closing it. A waist sash will also be included to make sure the costume is securely fastened. Visit the accessories page to find novelty weapons you can wear in order to show off your manliness. If you're feeling bold, you may also style your hair in the samurai fashion by putting it in a small and secure ponytail. When you arrive dressed like this at the next Halloween party, you'll cause quite a stir among the partygoers. You can style your samurai persona after particular characters from fiction, whether they be from movies or anime. Friends familiar with these characters will be really excited to see you take on the role.

Samurai costumes are unique and normally very stylish and colorful. You'll become one of the coolest people attending the party when you arrive with a katana at your waist and a smirk on your face.

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