Saloon Girl

Some would say the wild west is no place for a young lady, but what do they know? You'll surely be able to handle your way around a gun when dressed up in a Saloon Girl Costume. These outfits were typically worn by women who were trying to make a living in the dangerous and dusty towns that sprung up all over the mid-west. Dance, charm, and sing your way toward prosperity while playing a game of wits with dangerous outlaws.

Cowboys will come into the saloon looking for a drink and a place to rest their feet. When they see you wear a long frilly skirt and a top that exposes some tantalizing skin, they get hotter in the face than out in the desert sun. It's most likely been a while since they've seen a lady, especially one as pretty as yourself. The skirts are often designed to be high-lows in order for you to show off your legs in stockings. A cinched waist is another feature of these dresses and the cowboys will make it known that they like their ladies to curvy. With all the weapons of seduction on your side, there's little chance that you'll ever have to conceal a weapon in order to get what you want.

The wild west isn't for everyone, but if you're a woman who loves to live dangerously then a Saloon Girl costume will be your best friend.

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