Sailor Moon

This '90s Japanese anime dominated the decade and gave young girls superhero role models to look up to. The Sailor Moon Costumes are your dream come true. As a girl, you surely watched this show and wished you could transform into one of your favorite Sailor Scouts. Now, we have these outfits available so that you may harness the power of the planets.

The Sailor Scouts were regular high school girls who had the ability to transform into heroines whose destiny it was to save the earth from destruction. When they transform into the Sailor Scouts, the girls end up wearing skirts, white tops with attached jewels and collars the color of their respective planets, and circlets around their foreheads. These costumes enhance their abilities and allow them to take down enemies like Dark Kingdom and the Black Moon Clan.

Growing up, you surely had a favorite character, whether it was the ditsy leader Usagi Tsukino who transformed into Sailor Moon or the fiery and passionate Rei Hino who transformed into Sailor Mars. Each girl's costume is available, which makes it possible for you and a group of your friends to get together and become all the scouts on the team.

The next Halloween party you attend will be dumbstruck to see you dressed in one of these outfits. Many of the women present will have probably not thought about this television show in over a decade, so when they see you dressed as a Sailor Scout they'll be tongue-tied around you.

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