Mop the deck and rig the sails up for adventure because the next Halloween party you attend will receive you at port with proud salutes. The Sailor Costumes feature uniforms of various styles that span a lengthy history of the naval branch. You'll look quite dapper and sharp, perfect for the upcoming fleet week and other big events.

The sailor suits feature several standard pieces of attire, including a sailor hat, tie, and pants. The costumes also come in both male and female styles, so ladies can look their best too. One of the most influential sailors in fiction is Popeye the Sailorman and we feature a few varieties of the costume he wears when out on the job. You can pair this costume with an Olive Oyl one your significant other could wear.

In addition to sexy sailor dresses and handsome shirts, we also feature several accessories to spruce up your outfit. Necklaces in the shape of anchors and high heels with anchor stamps are also available and would complement an outfit very well. You'll be ready to set foot on a frigate and sail across the expansive ocean.

The respect you will receive for dressing as a sailor will be great, so make sure to make a great example of yourself as a soldier of the sea. The sailor costumes are ideal outfits for many different costumed events, particularly period pieces.

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