Mechanical fancy has been around for as long as machines have been making life easier for people, and now, we have robots in all sorts of sizes who perform a variety of tasks. The Robot Costumes feature several generic and famous robots. The metal bodies of these characters are faithfully recreated so that you may look like a real life version.

Giant robots are particularly popular in fiction and there are few as well known as the Megazord from Power Rangers and Voltron. These robots are made up of 5 smaller individual robots who combine into their respective big robot form. The pilots work together to stop threats against the world that are too big for regular people to handle. These particular costumes are designed to give you the fluidity of motion needed to function but are built to look like they're made of mechanical parts.

Other robotic costumes feature assorted parody character and human-sized robots. Iron Man is one notable inclusion and one of the most popular costumes across all categories. We also have a love for pulp fiction and include costumes designed after robots as they were expected to be seen in the future through the eyes of artists of the 1950s.

This Halloween, the electric slide will see a resurgence in popularity thanks to your robot costume fad. Make sure to practice the dance your programmers inputted into your programming.

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