Let down your golden hair and invite all your friends up to your tower to enjoy a riveting Halloween party this year. The Rapunzel Costumes are based off the newest iteration of the character, shown in the Disney film. The costumes feature purple dresses that are unique from previous gowns seen on other Disney princess, and several accessories are also available to add more charm to the character.

Rapunzel Costumes - Sparkle Rapunzel Shoes

Sparkle Rapunzel Shoes

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Rapunzel Costumes - Disney's Tangled Girls' Rapunzel Wig

Disney's Tangled Girls' Rapunzel Wig

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Rapunzel Costumes - Child Sparkle Rapunzel Costume

Child Sparkle Rapunzel Costume

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The costumes come in sizes ranging from toddler to adult. If you and your daughter loved Tangled equally, wouldn't it be cute for the both of you to dress up as the same character? Matching purple skirts and tops, long blond hair, and cute shoes could be in both your futures. Your girl would be particularly excited because spending time with mommy is always a cause for celebration. Rapunzel was kidnapped by a sorceress who wanted to retain her youth for as long as possible. The sorceress took the infant princess and raised her as her own child in order to keep the magic hair all to herself. The story is a fascinating one that both you and your girl could admire together.

This character is one of the newest ones to join the ranks of Disney princesses and has already seen immense popularity. Rapunzel costumes will be around for a long, long time in order to make generations of girls and women happy.

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