Raggedy Ann

A childhood favorite that can be brought back for you to wear or for your daughter. The Raggedy Ann Costumes are based on the popular dolls created nearly 100 years ago. The girl with the head of red yarn and blue dress was and still is a symbol of play, so it would make a wonderful costume to wear out this Halloween, to a party for trick-or-treating with your child.

The costume comes in a few varieties, one being the standard type and another being a more grown up and suggestive type. The standard costume features a long blue dress with an attached apron and the red and white striped socks the characters also known for. The sexy dress is more form-fitting and features a brighter shade of blue for a more eye-catching appearance. Raggedy Ann costumes also come in children's sizes and are ideal for a girl who wants a unique costume no one else will be wearing. Accessories are also an important part of this collection, so we've included wigs and tights for you to wear. The hair of red yarn would be difficult to replicate in real life, so we have the wig necessary to help you optimize your costumed look.

This character is greatly important to the association with childhood and a cute costume to wear. Raggedy Ann costumes would transform your next Halloween into a special event.

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