Rule over your next Halloween party with beauty and grace with help from our selection of Queen costumes and accessories. Women and girls alike can don he mantle of royalty when they slip into a regal set of clothes. Many queen outfits include a gown, headpiece or crown, and sashes. Once you have decided on a queen look, narrow down your look into the style you want. Queens can be evil witches, proud Renaissance rulers, or battle-ready warriors. There are also queens from different time periods and cultures. Arabian and Egyptian queen designs will look very different from a fairytale design or medieval style. Once you pick a style that suits you, look to princess accessories to finish off your look. For a Renaissance leader, look for crowns, high heels, corsets and scepters. Storybook characters like Snow White's wicked queen may have magic wands, crystal balls, or fantasy inspired jewelry.

When people think of royalty they often jump to kings or princesses, but like in chess, the real power often rests with the queen. Queen characters offer a bit more mature elegance than a princess look. They are older and more used to the power they control. Sometimes queen characters are described as corrupt, and that is where the fun really starts! The Evil Queen from Snow White or the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland are great examples of how sexy dark queens can be.

Take control of your look and become the belle of the ball in our queen costumes and accessories.

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