Take the stage this holiday with our selection of Purim Costumesand accessories for adults and kids. If you are planning to take part in your synagogue's Purim spiel, make sure you look the part! The story of Esther contains several important characters including Queen Esther herself, the King, Haman, and Mordecai. A basic royal outfit will often include a crown, velvet cape, robes, and ball gowns. You can complete a queen or king look with regal accessories like a tiara, scepter, or sandals. Religious costumes like robes, tunics, and biblical beards also make great additions to a Purim look.

Purim Costumes - Child's Mary Costume

Child's Mary Costume

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Purim Costumes - Deluxe Child Mary Costume

Deluxe Child Mary Costume

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Purim Costumes - Deluxe Adult Unisex Dreidel Costume

Deluxe Adult Unisex Dreidel Costume

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Purim is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the triumph of Esther and Mordecai over the evil vizier to the king. Haman, the adviser, plans to kill all the Jewish people in the kingdom, but his plot is foiled thanks to the clever actions of the Queen and Mordecai. The holiday is typically celebrated with a traditional play or spiel which tells the story of Purim. Of course, such a theatrical performance requires outfits for the king, queen, and other characters. During the play, onlookers are encouraged to bang instruments or jeer when the antagonist's name is called. Feasting, giving to charity, and traditional foods like hamantaschen are also fun parts of this festive holiday. The holiday is also marked by wearing costumes and feasting. For this reason, the holiday is sometimes referred to as the Jewish Carnival.

Celebrate in style this holiday with our adult and children's Purim costumes and props.

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