Prince Of Persia

Save the world from the plans of evil doers with our Prince of Persia costumesfor adults and children. This videogame franchise turned feature film follows the adventures of Prince Dastan as he uses the Sands of Time to take on impossible odds. Many of these action-ready outfits feature a brown vest, boot covers, arm cuffs, and dark brown pants. These Arabian prince ensembles will look even better with a few of our weapon accessories like a Prince of Persia Dagger of Time prop or other swords and knives. Gloves, braces, and wigs can also help you look like the protagonist of the game series. Women and girls can find Princess Tamina outfits to help them become a part of this fun theme. Tamina ensembles typically feature a white dress with leggings, red sash, and boot covers. Top off your women's Prince of Persia design with a long brown wig or exotic weapon props to make your look ready for a fight.

The Prince of Persia was originally a video game series that featured the daring adventures of Prince Dastan. Later, the franchise was adapted into a movie featuring Jake Gyllenhaal as the street rat turned prince. Dastan has a host of abilities including stealth, incredible agility, and the power to wield the Dagger of Time which lets him relive the last few moments over again. This ability leads to the most interesting aspect of gameplay and is a major plot point for the live action film.

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