Become the ultimate alien hunter with our Predator Costumesand accessories for adults and children. The movie features two distinct sides: The Predator and the military soldiers. If you want a look that is out of this world, opt for an alien outfit. Predator designs often feature a character mask, bodysuit, and monster gloves. Other sci-fi accessories like boots, helmets, crossbows, and guns are a great match for this film's characters. You can also take the side of humanity and dress up as a military elite. Camouflage pants, tank tops, and weapon accessories will help you match your look to the uniforms worn in the film. A tactical vest, belts, and pouches are other good matches to a commando ensemble. Pick your side and go out in style this Halloween with the perfect sci-fi ensemble.

Predator Costumes - Adult Sexy Sassy Tigress Costume

Adult Sexy Sassy Tigress Costume

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Predator Costumes - Sexy Rainbow Dragon Women's Costume

Sexy Rainbow Dragon Women's Costume

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Predator Costumes - Predator Mask

Predator Mask

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Predator is a classic 80s film that features a scary sci-fi adventure and the fierce Arnold Schwarzenegger locked in a battle for survival. The science fiction movie follows a team of military commandos who find themselves hunted by an invisible Predator alien. The group of soldiers is slowly picked off one by one by the sinister alien hunter. Cries of "Get to the chopper!" have become part of movie fanatics' catchphrase repertoires. In AVP, the Predator fights against the Aliens in a action-filled battle from beyond the stars. If you are a fan of science fiction, you can jump into this action show with the right Predator designs.

Take action this Halloween and scare your friends and party guests in our Predator costumes and accessories.

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