Poodle Skirt

The style of the 1950's was certainly one that we wish would come back. You can help bring back the old trend with some of our poodle skirt costumesthat look like they came right from the time period. If you, or your daughter, are a fan of the time period, make sure you grab one of these so that you can pretend that you've been transported back then. Not only were the 50's a time of greasers and rock and roll, it was also a period where women wore preppy clothing such as these poodle skirts and dresses. Poodle skirts are bright colored and felt skirts that have a printed design of a poodle on it. These were great to dance around in as well as just walk around the home.

You can bring back the retro feel of this classic period with some of these outfits that are staples of the time period. Match them with some great hairbands, saddle shoes, and many more items that are sure to keep you on your feet. Get out there so you can jive and twist all night long when you travel back to the 50's for Halloween.

Poodle skirts were commonly worn by young women and teens back in the 50's, so we wouldn't want that to change now. We offer child and adult poodle skirts so that everyone can enjoy the fun. These are the perfect way to feel like you're really back in that era for at least the night when you put on a fun and comfortable poodle skirt costume.

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