Police Cop

Give yourself all the power of the law this Halloween when you put yourself into authority with a Police Cop costume. These will give you an arresting look that will make you a man, or woman, in uniform. Detain whomever you'd like when you show up wearing the blue and protecting and serving your city. Stop! You have the right to have a fun and entertaining Halloween, and what better way than putting yourself into an officer's uniform? These blue uniforms fit with badges and hats are going to make you look like a strong and powerful man with power. You can't go wrong with becoming a cop this year, especially since you get to skip Police Academy.

There are tons of women cops out there too! Whether you're going for a serious or a sexy look, this is the place for you. Many of these sexy cop costumes will have men trying to commit crimes so that they can be handcuffed to you. A woman in power is just as sexy as a man in power, and the police cop costumes prove it.

Unless you're looking to go to jail for lacking a good Halloween costume, then you're going to have to purchase one of these outfits. Don't get ticketed for something so easy to get a hold of. Don't get in a squad car to go and have a fun Halloween unless you're wearing a police cop costume. Handcuff yourself to this style that you're going to love.

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