Thar she blows! Costume ho! You can start to sail the Seven Seas like never before when you purchase some of our pirate costumesthat will have you ditching your landlubber ways for at least the night. Board a ship and find a crew so that you can make this Halloween night special when you become a swashbuckling pirate. You don't want to walk the plank now do ya? Then you're going to need to show these scallywags that you have what it takes to be a true pirate this Halloween. Pirates are always on the hunt for some precious booty that will make them rich. If you've followed the treasure map here, your booty will be in great pirate outfits instead of doubloons.

There's so many buried treasures in this set that you're sure to find the outfit to make you captain. Not only are men these fun and adventurous pirates, but women and children can dress up too. The High Seas are for anyone brave enough to test the waters. Pirates wear tons of accessories like eye patches, peg legs,and earrings so don't forget to grab those too.

There may be other pirates at the party, but you're going to be the best one out there when wearing one of these outfits. Work on that pirate voice, find yourself a matey, and get ready to set sail and cause a ruckus. All the landlubbers are going to be jealous of your looks when you walk in wearing one of our pirate costumes. Grab one or get ready to walk the plank.

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