Throughout the year we are bombarded with several pop culture phenomenons that take us by storm, and what better way to celebrate them than with a costume. With our new costumes for 2014 we show off various film, celebrity, and original costumes made through the year. There's so much variety in these new looks that you'll definitely find something you absolutely love.

New Costumes - Men's USA Flag Tunic Costume

Men's USA Flag Tunic Costume

Our Price: $40.49
In Stock
New Costumes - Clown Costume for Plus Size Men

Clown Costume for Plus Size Men

Our Price: $43.17
In Stock
New Costumes - Headless Man Teenagers Costume

Headless Man Teenagers Costume

Our Price: $31.49
In Stock
New Costumes - Minion Costume for Girl's

Minion Costume for Girl's

Our Price: $11.69
In Stock

Whether you're a boy or girl, a teen or an adult, plus size or not; there's guaranteed to be great costumes for you here. Everyone is able to get in on celebrating the big events of the year with these new pieces that will show off your personality. Give yourself an outfit that nobody has seen before when you wear these out on Halloween or for a special occasion. There have been several hit films that have come out over the year that make for great new boys outfits such as the hit movie Iron Man 3. This metal superhero has gained in tons of popularity and gotten tons of new costumes for you to become the hero. Other looks are of Catwoman from the Batman series who became a very popular look for women to wear out.

No matter who you are there is definitely a new costume for you. Even if you weren't a fan of any of the pop culture that came in during the year, there are tons of other new looks such as pirates, french maids, and general costumes. There's something for everyone here at Fright Catalog, you just have to find the new costume from 2014 that you love.

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