If you are a fan of campy 60s television then dressing in Munsters costumes is the way to go. This cult classic for just two years in the 60s, but the characters are still instantly recognizable. If you're dressing for Halloween or a costume party then Herman or Lily may be the way to go.

Munsters Costumes - Munster Lilly Costume Adult

Munster Lilly Costume Adult

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The Munsters was the story of a working class family in the late 60s who were normal except for the fact that they were classic monsters. The husband, Herman Munster, was built by Dr. Frankenstein, His wife Lily was an undead vampire and they had a son who was a werewolf. Lily's niece, Marilyn, and Lily's father, Grandpa Dracula, lives with them as well. Throughout the series they try to live a relatively normal life even though they are quite clearly monsters. Of course, they're friendly monsters, so they meant no harm, but people would still often react to them as though they were scary.

If you want to be a scary monster then the Munsters are not for you. Herman and Lily are kind-hearted and friendly. Herman is a grave digger by trade, and not very bright, but he loves is family and is loved by them. If you wear a Herman Munster costume or mask you'll look like a goofy but sweet Frankenstein's monster. Lily was a smart and outspoken women and the costume won't make you too scary looking either.

If you're a fan of this classic then you and your partner should dress in Herman and Lily Munster costumes and go to a Halloween event as a couple.

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