Monsters Inc

With the new Monsters Inc 2 Movie being recently released, these Monsters Inc costumes for adults and children will be perfectly popular and timely, this Halloween. Choose between Mike and Sully. Whichever one you pick, you are sure to get an outfit that is more cute and funny than scary. These monsters were never really any good at freaking people out. If you or your kids are a fan of the movies, then you won't be disappointed with these designs. Make sure your Scream Extractor is full before the day is done, and don't let Randall get on your nerves when you are working on the Scarefloor. Uh oh Boo escaped her room and got stuck with you. Relive the hilarity this Halloween, and dress up as either James Sullivan or Mike Wazowski.

Monsters Inc Costumes - Sullivan The Monster Kids Shrug

Sullivan The Monster Kids Shrug

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Monsters Inc Costumes - Toddler Monsters Inc. Sulley Girl Costume

Toddler Monsters Inc. Sulley Girl Costume

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Most of our boy's and men's Sully costumes come with fury blue bodysuits, with darker blue spots, and fussy headpieces with horns on them. While the women and girl's Sully designs involve blue dresses with purple polka dots on the skirts, and blue hoods with horns. Some of these even involve Sullivan's spiked tail. The Mike outfits are just as simple. They almost all involve a foam character, over the head pullover, which pictures Mike's Cyclopes face with sharp teeth, and either a blue cap of hard hat. These looks are easy, but extremely fun.

Get a laugh instead of a gasp this Halloween, and buy a cute and funny Monsters Inc costume.

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