The Sea is vast and filled with beautiful creatures, but none as beautiful as you. Get a mystical look that no man can resist, and dress up in one of these Mermaid Costumes we have for women, girls, and even toddlers. The combination of sea foam green, aqua blue, flashy sequins, and other bright colored designs make these outfits supremely gorgeous. It's no wonder sailors have been telling stories about mermaids for centuries. You will be the real treasure pirates are searching for. All that gold and wealth could never match up to a night with you, in one of our mermaid outfits.

Get a famous appearance like that of the Disney character Ariel, or go with a more unique and imaginative look, and try on one of our dark and seductive mermaid costumes. These outfits range anywhere from super cute designs for girls to extremely sexy looks for women. Most of them have form-fitting dresses, with revealing corsets at the chest, or just a bikini top with your stomach showing. The bottoms of the dresses are patterned to look like fish scales and styled to give the illusion that you have a fish fin instead of feet.

Match these brilliant costumes with lovely accessories such as seaweed boas, Ariel wands, and brightly colored wigs. Do everything you can to get a princess of the sea look. The ocean might be your playground, but the Halloween party will be where you shine. Live a fantasy that everybody will want to be a part of, and purchase one of these tantalizing mermaid costumes.

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