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Dressing like a superhero is fun and Marvel Comic costumes are always some of the most popular. Marvel Comics include famous superheros like Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men. The Marvel Universe comic books and movies are extremely popular and that means there are lots of costumes to choose from. Kids and adults will get to dress up as their favorite character. Most of the costumes come in a range of models, too, that include simple budget versions and deluxe versions with more detail.

Marvel Comics Costumes - Falcon Classic Muscle Child Costume

Falcon Classic Muscle Child Costume

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Marvel Comics Costumes - Spider Girl Women's Bodysuit

Spider Girl Women's Bodysuit

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Marvel Comics Costumes - Avengers 2 Hulk Costume for Boys

Avengers 2 Hulk Costume for Boys

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The Avengers are everywhere. There are movies for individual Avenger superheros and movies for the team. There's even a related television series. Who's your favorite Avenger? Is it Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, or the Hulk? Take your pick; there's a costume for you. For the villains, there's a Loki costume, among others. Spider-Man is so popular that he even has his own Broadway show. He's got a lot of costumes to pick from, too. From toddlers to adults, there a Spider-Man outfit to fit, not to mention accessories like web shooters.There are even alternate universe Spider-Man costumes, like the black Venom or the metallic-looking Iron Spider-Man suit. There are girl and women versions of this character, too. The Lizard costume is available as well.

X-Men mutants like Wolverine are not forgotten either. He's the practically invincible mutant with an adamantium skeleton, healing powers, and retractable metal claws. This makes him an especially fun character to dress as. Fans of X-Men villains aren't left out either. If you prefer to be the bad guy then the Gambit costume is a great option.

Save the world, or at least be a hit at your next costume or Halloween party with a Marvel Comics superhero costume.

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