Mad Hatter

"You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are." If this quote fits you then a Mad Hatter costume would probably fit you as well. Be as mad as a Hatter this Halloween, and jump into a wonderful and colorful world where everything is alive and nothing is impossible. We have wonky Mad Hatter outfits for children, men, and women. You can also find plenty of Alice in Wonderland designs on our sight. You'll fit right in with the whacky spirit of Halloween when you're playing the crazy character who speaks in riddles.

Watch out for the Queen this Halloween. That mean lady will chop your head right off. But you'll survive for sure, because you're completely mad. These outfits will dress you up in the big orange hair, long top hat, large bowties, and mismatching suits of the Hatter. For anything that is not included, such as multi-colored socks, pale face paint, and sometimes even the top hat, you can find these all in our accessory sections.

Whether you're a child or an adult, everyone likes to get a little crazy. No one will look at you funny when you're acting weird in a Mad Hatter costume, because you'll just be acting the way you are supposed to. Ever since the Hatter was introduced in the books, the character has been popping up through popular demand, so go with the unique ensemble that everyone will love.

Buy a Mad Hatter costume, and be as odd as you want, all night long.

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