Looney Tunes

Have the famous Warner Brothers' characters at your fingertips, and purchase one of these awesome Looney Tunes costumes for women, men, and children. Whatever your favorite segment of the cartoon is, you will find it in this section. Hop around as Bugs Bunny, try to catch Tweety Bird as Sylvester, or annoy Bugs as Daffy Duck. There are plenty more Looney Tune characters for you to choose from. Join the fun this Halloween, and get a little whacky, because the Tune Squad doesn't accept people who are normal. These outfits are the perfect excuse for you to bounce off the wall and have an amazing time this Halloween.

Looney Tunes Costumes - Adult Sylvester Costume

Adult Sylvester Costume

Our Price: $53.99
In Stock
Looney Tunes Costumes - Marvin the Martian Adult's Costume

Marvin the Martian Adult's Costume

Our Price: $49.47
In Stock
Looney Tunes Costumes - Adult Bugs Bunny Costume

Adult Bugs Bunny Costume

Our Price: $53.99
In Stock
Looney Tunes Costumes - Marvin the Martian Ray Gun

Marvin the Martian Ray Gun

Our Price: $11.99
In Stock

You can go with the plush and fluffy mascot versions of your favorite goofball, or for women trying to get a sexy look this Halloween, you can go with the enticing versions that involve dresses and skirts. Most of these costumes are unisex, as they involve full headpieces. These fuzzy outfits that range from Tweety Bird to Marvin the Martian are perfect for kids and adults alike. We even have little designs for babies. Pretend you're in one of the famous slapstick cartoons, or throw on a basketball jersey and you will have a great Space Jam costume. Either way, you'll crack people up at your Halloween party. If horror is not for you then you're probably into making people laugh, and laugh they will, at your Looney Tune madness.

For someone who loves cartoons, it doesn't get much getter than this. Buy a Looney Tune costume, and bring your Saturday morning routine to Halloween.

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