Little Mermaid

You won't find a greater display of mermaid outfits then in this Little Mermaid costume. From The Little Mermaid themed designs to completely original get-ups, there will be a sea suit perfect for you. Mermaids are a magical creature, dreamt up by sailors, and kept alive by all the people that marvel in their storied beauty. You will be an alluring part of the fantasy when you put on one of these various half-woman, half-fish outfits. Whether it's for you, your teenage daughter, your little girl, or your baby, there are gorgeous garments and accessories all throughout this section.

Little Mermaid Costumes - Kid's Little Mermaid Costume

Kid's Little Mermaid Costume

Our Price: $29.99
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Little Mermaid Costumes - Child Disney Sparkle Ariel Costume

Child Disney Sparkle Ariel Costume

Our Price: $24.99
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Little Mermaid Costumes - Ariel Infant Disney Girl's Costume

Ariel Infant Disney Girl's Costume

Our Price: $29.97
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If you want to be beautiful and innocent then try out one of our more colorful outfits, such as the ones designed after Ariel. But if you want to be evil and seductive we also have octopus Ursula designs and sexy all black mermaid looks. Most of these have clever patterns and details at the bottom, to make it look like you actually have a fish fin. Match these ensembles with an accessory such as a seaweed styled boa, a bright colored wig, or a magical wand to make them even more glorious. No matter what age you are, you can remember how amazing it was watching The Little Mermaid for the first time. Capture that Disney magic with one of our costumes.

Turn the party into and under the sea themed party, this Halloween, when you catch everyone's attention. The wonderful sequin and under water color designs, which are present in these Little Mermaid costumes, make these products something you have to buy.

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