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If you're looking for a Halloween costume that will really get you noticed, check out our supply of Light Up Costumes. When you show up to a Halloween party in a costume that lights up, you're guaranteed to have one of the coolest outfits there. These range from fun kids' costumes, to more intense adult costumes, and everything in between. Outfits and even wigs can have parts of them that light up, making the style way more accessible than it used to be.

Light Up Costumes - 22" Tall Lunging Graveyard Baby

22" Tall Lunging Graveyard Baby

Our Price: $119.99
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Light Up Costumes - Child's Light Up Batman Costume

Child's Light Up Batman Costume

Our Price: $42.97
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Light Up Costumes - Skeleton Light Up Torso

Skeleton Light Up Torso

Our Price: $17.99
Out of Stock

You might think light up pieces would be uncomfortable, but you'd be wrong. The costumes and accessories are all very manageable, so you won't be uncomfortable while wearing or using a piece that lights up. They're perfect for super hero costumes, because there's no better way to replicate Iron Man's suit than with some bright lights. Or the Green Lantern? That guy's costume is definitely incomplete without some lights to represent the power of the Lantern Corps flowing through his suit. No matter what kind of light up costume you're looking for, you're guaranteed to find it here.

If you're decorating for a Halloween party, light up stuff is perfect. There's nothing creepier than something unexpectedly lighting up to give your guests a real scare. Whether it's the eyes of a black cat, a light on a ghost or a tombstone, or other creepy creatures of the night, you'll find them here.

Make a real entrance this Halloween, with a cool light up costume!

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