If you're not afraid of a guy called Leatherface, there might be something wrong with you. This guy is the antagonist in the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, which are some of the best horror and gore ever presented on the big screen. Leatherface is called that because he wears masks made of the skin of his victims, giving his face a stretched, leathery look. We've got Leatherface mask costumes that will make you look just like that, in addition to a prop chainsaw, which is the villain's weapon of choice for killing and dismembering his victims.

Leatherface Costumes - 27 in. Leatherface Chainsaw

27 in. Leatherface Chainsaw

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Leatherface Costumes - Adult Leatherface TM Costume

Adult Leatherface TM Costume

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Leatherface Costumes - Insane Butcher's Meat Hook

Insane Butcher's Meat Hook

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Leatherface is a largely misunderstood guy, as he is really taken advantage of by his family. He was sick as a child and was never given medical treatment, so by the time he reaches adulthood, he is unable to really think for himself. He is manipulated into killing people he does not want to kill, even those he truly cares about. This makes him a much more dynamic character than villains in many other slasher flicks. If your friends are big fans of the gory horror genre, then they'll definitely appreciate your amazing costume. Just be careful with that chainsaw. You'd hate to have something happen to anybody.

We have Leatherface costumes for children, and even a sexy version for ladies who want to become this creepy character. It's never to early to get your kids hooked on your favorite classic horror movies, making this the perfect costume for your son or daughter.

Get ready to scare your friends to death this Halloween, with your terrifying Leatherface costume!

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