Looks like you're the only one who can protect the realm from evil this Halloween, and we've got everything you could possibly need to do it. With one of our amazing Knight Costumes, you'll be ready to arm yourself to take on whatever evils you may face at your costume party. We've got costumes, headpieces, shoes, and even swords and shields, so that no evil can possibly stand in the way of you achieving your goal. Get your friends to dress as other knights, for a super fun group costume. Because everybody knows you're much safer if you travel in a group.

The original knights of old were tasked with protecting the royal family, as enemies of the state were often trying to assassinate the king and queen. In many stories, knights were tasked with the destruction of dragons or other mythological creatures who posed a threat to the safety of the kingdom. King Arthur is, of course, the most famous knight in history, but there are records and stories of many others, who were just as brave. They just happened to not be the King of England. Arthur did bring about the Knights of the Round Table, which brought together the bravest, strongest knights of the land, and put them on equal footing as one another, as there was no head of the table for anybody to sit at.

Perform your duty to king and country this Halloween, with one of our quality knight costumes!

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