The members of the band KISS are some of the most iconic rockers out there. When they were starting off, they knew they would need some hook to get people to start listening to their music, and that they could keep their listeners by being absolutely amazing. The makeup may seem corny to some, but it's what separates KISS from any other band out there. That, and their ability to rock harder than just about anybody else. You and your friends can become Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss.

Kiss Costumes - KISS Demon Deluxe Boy's Costume

KISS Demon Deluxe Boy's Costume

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KISS is a tough act to pull off. Luckily, our costumes will hook you up with everything you need. From the crazy black jumpsuits with the silver studs and spikes, to the wigs, to the makeup or masks, we'll make sure you look just like the band members. If you want to be really authentic, you'd pick up one of our makeup or face paint kits, and do your face up the right way. If you don't mind taking the easier, much more convenient way out, we have masks for the characters. That way you don't have to worry about the makeup running or anything.

If you and your friends are actual musicians, then this is a great way to do some KISS cover songs. Start a tribute band, and pick up our great costumes so you can put on the best show possible for your friends and maybe even some strangers! KISS may not be huge anymore, but they still have a very devout following.

This Halloween, become one of the members of KISS, one of the greatest rock bands ever.

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