Katy Perry

If you're teenage dream is to become your favorite pop star, then you're in luck this Halloween. With our selection of Katy Perry Costumes, you can become the musician from California, and share your talent with all of your friends. You had better warm up those vocal chords though, because everybody is going to want to hear you belt out their favorite songs. But Katy Perry is known for more than just her music. Her outfits are always very over the top and unique, which gives her a nice hook to ensure that people cannot resist listening to her music.

Katy Perry Costumes - Sexy Women's Hot Cupcake Costume

Sexy Women's Hot Cupcake Costume

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Katy Perry Costumes - Katy Perry Girls Candy Girl Costume

Katy Perry Girls Candy Girl Costume

Our Price: $40.45
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Katy Perry has worn a lot of pretty unusual costumes to her live performances and appearances, and we've got them here. Most of them are pretty sexy, but some are a little more conservative in that regard. Either way, we've got costumes here for all ages. Put on one of these and go to your Halloween party, and you're guaranteed to be incredibly popular among the boys. Make sure you get the wig too, as Perry always has her hair done up in some strange style and color in her music videos.

California Gurls is probably Perry's most well known song, and it is also one of her craziest costumes. With dark blue hair, short blue shorts, and a cupcake bikini top, you can be sure to have one of the more original costumes at the party. Hopefully Halloween falls on a warm evening this year, because this costume does not leave much to the imagination!

If you had a crazy night last Friday night, then a Katy Perry costume is just the thing for you!

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