Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex is a comic book anti-hero, and he's not the kind of guy anybody should go around messing with. With no super powers, Hex gets by as the fastest marksman in the world, in addition to an expert tracker and hunter. He has a strong moral code, which prevents him from being a villain, but he feels obligated to protect the innocent and avenge those whose lives have been taken unjustly. And with the Jonah Hex Costumes, you can embrace that code this Halloween. His comics are set in the old west, and he is the bane of criminals who are trying to take advantage of the virtual lawlessness of the land. But because he kills people in cold blood, he is also the enemy of the law.

Jonah Hex Costumes - Adult Leila Jonah Hex Wig

Adult Leila Jonah Hex Wig

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Jonah Hex Costumes - Adult Jonah Hex Molded Gun Belt

Adult Jonah Hex Molded Gun Belt

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Hex served in the Civil War, fighting for the Confederacy. Because of this, his costumes tend to have a southern cowboy flair to them. And in the 2010 film with Josh Brolin, Hex is still very much a cowboy. Long dusters, holsters, and cowboy hats are essential for this character, as well as a mask. The side of Hex's face is badly burned, resulting in a facial deformity that actually makes him look even more threatening. We've got everything you'll need to make your costume perfect. We also have costumes for Leila, Hex's sexy partner who is played by Megan Fox in the film. Her look is a classic sexy barmaid costume from the era, and will make for a great costume couple if you can get your girlfriend to dress as her.

Fight fire with fire this Halloween, with a Jonah Hex costume!

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