Jersey Shore

Whether you're an authentic Italian American, or you just want to emulate your favorite reality television stars, our selection of Jersey Shore Costumes will have everything you need to rage hard and have a blast this Halloween. From Snooki and Jwoww costumes for the gals, to Pauly D and the Situation for the bros, and all the rest of the gang, we've got them all. These costumes look just like the characters from the show, and are great for a group costume or a costume duo. These characters may be butt of a lot of jokes, but your costume is guaranteed to be wildly successful this Halloween.

Jersey Shore Costumes - Jersey Shore Sexy Snooki Costume

Jersey Shore Sexy Snooki Costume

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Jersey Shore Costumes - Jersey Shore Snooki Adult Costume

Jersey Shore Snooki Adult Costume

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With costumes like these, it's all in the details. When you're dealing with people who are as vain and self-absorbed as these people are, it's important to make sure every aspect of your costume is perfect. The gang would spend at least an hour on their hair, their makeup, and their outfits, and always ensure that they had the perfect tan. We've got all the pieces you need, so that you don't have to spend all that time. Guys, has it been too long since you hit the gym? Then you need one of our muscular torso pieces, which will ensure that you look buff enough to dress as Ronnie. Ladies, the hair on that show is out of control. But don't worry. We've got character wigs.

Go hard at the club this Halloween, with an authentic Jersey Shore costume. Just watch out for grenades!

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