Iron Man

Becoming a superhero is normally hard work, but when you grab one of our several Iron Man costumes it is just as simple as putting on a suit. With the recent success of this Marvel comic book hero in his signature film franchise (with the recently released Iron Man 3) and his role in the 2012 hit The Avengers, Iron Man is becoming one of the most popular superheroes out there.

Iron Man Costumes - Iron Man Toddler's Muscle Costume

Iron Man Toddler's Muscle Costume

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Iron Man Costumes - Boy's Iron Man Mark 42 Classic Costume

Boy's Iron Man Mark 42 Classic Costume

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Tony Stark is a genius, playboy, billionaire, and a philanthropist; though all of these achievements fall second to his life of fighting crime and evil forces as the metal superhero Iron Man. He has created several suits that allow him to fly, have super strength, and shoot energy beams from his body in order to save the world. Tony Stark may have his fair share of problems, such as alcoholism, but you can avoid all of that when all you'll have your hands on is the red and gold suit with one of these outfits.

Iron Man has had his fair share of villains in the comics and movies such as the evil Mandarin and Loki. He always finds a way to battle these enormous foes, even if it is with a little help from friends like War Machine, Pepper Potts, or Captain America. Iron Man is one of the most exciting superheroes out there and each of the films and comics are filled to the brim with intense action.

Become this amazing superhero this Halloween when you grab yourself your very own Iron Man suit. You need a lot of technology to make one, and Tony Stark has a lot of extra models lying around. Get ready to save the Earth, or at least your Halloween, once you purchase one of our Iron Man costumes to celebrate this superhero.

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