There's just no way that you can be enraged when you're wearing one of our Hulk costumes . The Hulk is one of Marvel Comics most easily recognizable characters. He has been featured in more than just comics. This green giant has been in several video games, TV adaptations, and films as well; most recently with a starring role in the hit film The Avengers.

Hulk Costumes - Soft Hulk Hands

Soft Hulk Hands

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Hulk Costumes -  Hulk Muscle Chest Dress Up Set

 Hulk Muscle Chest Dress Up Set

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Hulk Costumes - Novelty Boy's Hulk Hands

Novelty Boy's Hulk Hands

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Hulk Costumes - Incredible Hulk Toddler Muscle Costume

Incredible Hulk Toddler Muscle Costume

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The Incredible Hulk is Bruce Banner's alter ego from a science experiment gone wrong. Generally, the Hulk is not able to control himself and thus goes on large destructive rampages. This incredibly strong hero is tough work for anyone to take down, as he just doesn't know how to feel pain and has an unmatchable super strength. This large green monster is a fan favorite of those who like comics for his always wild adventures.

Both adults and children love this comic book hero, so now you can become the monster with one of our several Hulk costumes. Turn into the green creature at will and be able to control your every action this Halloween. Hulk smash! You'll look smashing in an outfit like this that is going to turn you into the superhero that you've always wanted to be.

Join the Marvel universe this year when you suit up as one of the Avengers. No one will possibly pick a fight with you when you're wearing this giant green costume that will give you muscles just like the Hulk has. Whether you're saving the Earth from evil forces, or just literally crashing a party, then some of our Hulk costumes will definitely do the trick for you.

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