How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train a Dragon was a popular animated movie released in 2010. This imaginative fantasy adventure from DreamWorks takes place in a mythical Viking inspired setting. The film is marked by its vibrant and splendid presentation in CGI animation. The story revolves around a young Viking boy who hopes to follow in the family tradition of noble dragon slaying. However, he soon finds after capturing one that he doesn't have the heart to slay it and instead becomes the first in his tribe to train dragons. This adventurous tale captivated children's imaginations and introduced them to some really fun characters. Now you can dress up just like your favorite characters from How to Train a Dragon with our great collection of How To Train A Dragon Costumes.

How to Train Your Dragon Costumes - Ride-A-Dragon Costume for Kids

Ride-A-Dragon Costume for Kids

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Hiccup, the main character in How to Train a Dragon, wants desperately to be accepted as an equal among his tribe and family. However, he just doesn't have what it takes to be a dragon slayer. After tracking down an injured dragon, Hiccup gradually earns the dragon's trust and learns how to fly and guide his new Dragon friend, which he has named Toothless, through the air. After Hiccup's dad and the other leaders of the tribe go out for a dragon hunt and are near death, Hiccup uses his friendship with Toothless to save his family. At the end of the movie, the Viking village has changed their ways and now races dragons and lives with them, instead of hunting them. This fun fantasy adventure provided us with some great inspiration for fantastic costume choices. Now you can dress up like all of your favorite characters from this great film.

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