St. Patrick's Day Costumes

If you want to really do it up in style for the holiday, wear a St. Patrick's Day costume. Don't just settle for wearing some green. Dress up like a leprechaun, Irish dancer, or even a beer girl. We have Irish costumes for kids and adults. St. Patrick's Day originated as a commemoration of the eponymous saint who brought Christianity to Ireland in the 5th Century. It is now as much a secular holiday as a religious one. Every March 17th, people around the world with Irish lineage celebrate their heritage. The holiday is a joyous one and it is commonly said that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick's Day Costumes - Lucky Leprechaun Adult Costume

Lucky Leprechaun Adult Costume

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St. Patrick's Day Costumes - Adult's Beer Garden Girl Deluxe Costume

Adult's Beer Garden Girl Deluxe Costume

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We have basic green plaid kilts for men and women. These can form the foundation of a classic Irish costume. Wear them with some of our accessories and you'll have the makings of a traditional St. Pat's outfit. They go well with some of our leprechaun costumes too. There are leprechaun outfits in all kinds of styles. Some are very traditional and look exactly how these magical beings are usually depicted. They're green suits, top hats, and red beards. There are outfits for women, including sexy ones, and outfits for children and even toddlers. If you're feeling silly you can wear one that's cartoony and whimsical and even one with a giant oversized head. There's also a very scary looking leprechaun if you are feeling evil.

In addition to leprechauns, women can also dress up as beer girls in old fashion peasant dresses with corsets. These are perfect for this holiday because St. Patrick's Day is often celebrated with lots of drinking. If you prefer something more traditional, there are Irish dancer dresses that will make you look great while you Riverdance.

If you really get into celebrating, or if you're going to a themed or costume party, then you should go all out. Wear one of our St. Patrick's Day costumes and don't forget to purchase matching accessories.

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