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Whether you're dressing as a leprechaun or just want to wear some Irish green, our St. Patrick's Day hats and headwear are a fun addition to any outfit. We have something to complement any holiday costume. Some headwear are practically a costume in and of themselves. And many of the hats can be worn on the holiday with your regular clothing. Leprechauns are usually depicted wearing a green top hat. We have dozens to choose from. You can get a traditional stovepipe hat with a buckle. There are huge floppy top hats and mini ones that need a headband or clips to hold them on. There are sparkling ones, colorful ones, and even some with built in hair or beards.

We carry several styles of traditional Gatsby hats in green or plaid. There are also derbies, beanies, Tyroleans, and even a light up cowgirl hat with faux fur trim. Women and girls will love wearing an "Irish Princess" tiara while men and boys will like the Irish lightning bolt baseball cap. Boppers are a fun way to celebrate St. Patty's Day. These headbands have springs on the top that bounce around whenever you move. The springs have things on them like sequin covered mini top hats, shamrocks, or green ponytails. They're a whimsical alternative to a hat.

Wear green on your head with any of our St. Patrick's Day hats and headwear. You can't top them.

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