Beer Girl Costumes

Drinking is such a big part of the holiday that St. Patrick's Day beer girl costumes have become very popular. Although typically associated with Oktoberfest, these outfits now get dual use since becoming a March 17th favorite.

Beer Girl Costumes - Sexy Beer Wench Women's Costume

Sexy Beer Wench Women's Costume

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Beer Girl Costumes - Women's Sexy Irish Lass Costume

Women's Sexy Irish Lass Costume

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These costumes are variations on similar styles and have enough of a classical Old World look to them that they can easily pass for an Irish lass's dress. Most of the beer girl outfits feature a peasant blouse, a corset, and a short skirt. You'll want to accessorize them, of course, and we have plenty of St. Patty's Day add-ons for that. Wear a green mini-top hat, green striped thigh highs, and carry a beer mug purse. Throw on some green holiday jewelry like a beaded shamrock necklace, wear green nail polish, and even paint a shamrock on your cheek.

These costumes are perfect if you're working in a bar or pub on the holiday. After all, who would look better in a beer girl outfit than an actual beer girl? You can also wear them while you serve drinks at a party or event. But you don't, of course, have to be serving drinks to wear one of these outfits. Just wear it because it's sexy and a great way to show off some Irish pride.

When people think of this holiday, beer is often one of the first things they consider. Wear a St. Patrick's Day beer girl costume and deliver liquid fun to all your guests and friends.

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