Venetian Masks

Carnival is time for bountiful feasts, raunchy fun, and no regrets. Make sure to keep yourself blameless no matter what you do when you slip on these Mardi Gras Venetian masks Ranging from demure domino masks to elaborate headpieces, these wonderful masks are a great choice for any Fat Tuesday festival. Keep it simple when you head out wearing an elegant domino masks. These guises cover only your eyes and tips of your cheeks, and have been traditional favorites at masquerades. Get a beautifully feathered piece like our Gold Cocktail Mask and you'll have everyone asking to fly back to your nest. Add an 80s flair to your outfit with a Neon Mask, and show off your devilishly good looks in a Demon Eye Mask.

If you want something a little more mysterious, slip on a half mask and everything from the cheeks up will be hidden, leaving only tantalizing hints of what you look like underneath. You'll be ready to make the music of the night in any of our Phantom of the Opera pieces. Social butterflies will love our monarch-shaped Mariposa masks, and anyone in the medical field can tap into their inner plague doctor with a Long Nose options.

Serious masqueraders will go crazy for our full-face masks. These beautifully wrought masks cover up all of your features, making you completely anonymous. Comedians will get a kick out of our many jester pieces, and drama fiends can suit up in our tragedy masks. If you're looking for something a little more bombastic, our dazzling headdress pieces like the Pirate and King Tut mask are sure get you noticed.

When Mardi Gras began, masks were worn to let people do whatever they wished—the wealthy could be as raunchy as they wanted without fear of shame, and the poor could get into the classiest of parties by making it seem they were rich. You'll be able to live out your dreams when you wear any of these Venetian Masks on Fat Tuesday. Order yours today and you're bound to have a great night.

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