Feather Masks

Some people might scratch by on the bare minimum, but that's not for you. When you do something, you go all out. Make sure you look your best this Fat Tuesday when you slip on one of our Mardi Gras feather masks. You'd love to look gorgeous and classy, but you don't want to have to struggle to take a sip of your drink. Wear a domino mask and you won't need worry about removing it every time you eat! We have several different kinds for you to choose from, varying from simple accents like our Venetian Mask with Flower and Feather, to intricate molded pieces like the Venetian Style Mask with Fans and Deluxe Gold and Black Mask. Their attached strap will keep it in place so you're free to party on all night.

Some disguises help you show off your good looks. Get a mask with attached handle so you can reveal your identity whenever you want. Its intricate domino mask base is sturdily fastened to a strong and beautiful handle, making you classy and mysterious. Look as good as Marie Antoinette with a Baroque Fantasy Mask, and bewitch everyone with a sparkling Mystical Blue Mask with Stick. Serious party-goers should check out our themed masks. These luxurious headpieces are designed around your favorite fantasies, transforming you into anything you can dream of. Our full-face Deluxe Mardi Gras Mask will give your porcelain white skin decorated with green, purple, and gold makeup, all set off with a large plume of feathers. If you're feeling a little more adventurous, wear our dashing Pirate Venetian Mask and you'll be ready to set sail in your large brimmed hat decorated with gorgeous flowers.

Fat Tuesday is a wild holiday and you need a look to match. Out-do everyone at the party when you wear any of these stunning Mardi Gras feather masks. Order yours today and you'll have all eyes on you at the parade.

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