A flashy costume will always get some attention, but everyone knows it's how you dress it up that matters. Make a statement when you wear our Mardi Gras Accessories for the parade this year. These great finishing touches come in the traditional colors of green, gold, and purple, covering you from head to toe in Fat Tuesday style. Mardi Gras wouldn't be the same without its beads. Keep all your party guests happy with our many beaded necklaces, ranging from simple strings to elaborate necklaces full of messages, masks, or megaphones. Buy them individually for yourself, or get them in bulk so you can get ready for the revelry.

Accessories - Deluxe Purple Boa

Deluxe Purple Boa

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Accessories - Gold Eye Mask with Feathers

Gold Eye Mask with Feathers

Our Price: $3.97
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Worried that your night of fun might come back to haunt you later? Wear any of our masks and headdresses and save yourself from awkward run-ins. Start with the basics when you slip on our colored domino masks, and move up to our luxuriously feathered and sequined beauties. Jokesters can suit up in a jester cap and comedy mask, and lead the band with any of our jester staffs. When you get chilly, keep yourself warm with our boas and tops. These long, gorgeous boas are made of plush feathers and are sure to add playful class to any party dress. Men can slip on our Mardi Gras vest for an easy look. Sling on a floor-length cape and you're sure to dazzle the crowd. Don't forget your bow tie and suspenders, both of them decked out in emerald, violet, and bright gold.

You know you're going to be partying all night on March 4th—make sure you do it in style when you add these Mardi Gras accessories to your ensemble. Order them today and you're guaranteed to look amazing.

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